Self-Mastery - Life Coaching FAQ's
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Self-Mastery - Life Coaching FAQ's

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Life Coaching is the process of helping others (or oneself) discover obstacles that may have been jeopardizing growth, success and overall happiness. The process utilizes several techniques to address personal and professional issues, find solutions and take actions to reach goals.

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You can – if you are interested in making Life Coaching your career and life. The only prerequisite is your enthusiasm to help people bring out the best in them. If you think you are driven by the desire to help people around you realize, develop and work at their full potential, all you need to do is find a Life Coaching institute that offers Life Coaching accreditation courses and begin your journey of becoming a Life Coach.

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Enrol in a Life Coaching institution that offers Life Coaching certification, accreditation and training courses. Courses vary in length and prospectus from institution to institution. Let's-Live for example offers, among others, the following mentoring mentor programs -

  • 9 Days Life Coaching Course
  • 14 Days Master Coaching Course and Certification Process
  • 30 Days Master Coach Trainer Life Coaching Course
  • 365 Days Spiritual Mentor and Coach Training

All that you need to do to become a Life Coach is, enrol in a mentoring mentor program of your choice and complete the course.

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No, it isn't. There exist self-regulating bodies that set out guidelines and principles for the operations of Life Coaching institutions and their courses. While affiliations to such principles is not mandatory, Let's-Live Coaching is affiliated with four approved institutions and provides courses aligned with the industry's best-practices.

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Despite Life Coaching accreditation not being mandated by the Life Coaching industry, Let's-Live Coaching has aligned its courses to some of top industry-organizations including:

  • ICR – International Coaching Register
  • ITA – International Trainers Academy of NLP
  • COMENSA- The Coaches and Mentors of South Africa
  • GSAC - Global - Standards of NLP Accreditations and Certifications

Further, Let's-Live-certified Life Coaches have the option of pursuing external accreditation to partner with other Life Coaches and set up institutions.


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Yes, any country you want. Life Coaches certified by Let's-Live Coaching are currently helping people bring positive changes to their lives in 30 different countries.


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The coaching techniques at Let's-Live Coaching are a useful mix of the latest in modern science and applied psychology. Featuring the "latest" requires us to update our techniques regularly, which we gladly do.

Some of the most widely used Let's-Live Coaching techniques include - neuro-linguistic programming, neuroscience and time line healing, personal development, non-verbal communication, achievement and motivation psychology, hypnosis, modification of human behaviour, detection/analysis of micro-expressions and also, corporate and business coaching.


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Let's-Live Coaching is home to psychologists/industrial psychologists, doctors, pastors and leaders who want to stay relevant to their fast-paced industries. We have coached several professionals in many national and international blue-chip companies like Rand Merchant Bank, Denel Personal Solutions, Netcare, Oldmutal, Consulta, Elingo and Eskom to name a few.

Our referral rate is one of the highest in SA, with 98 percent of our clients joining us on word of mouth, we have stopped marketing our courses. Our satisfied clients do that for us! Enrol in a Let's-Live Life Coaching, Self-Development and Personal-Development program today and discover the difference for yourself.

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Let's-Live Coaching is South Africa's leading Life Coaching Institute. Boasting a diverse and elite clientele that includes eminent national and international organizations and a long-standing experience in the field of corporate coaching, Let's-Live Coaching is the organization where the journey to Self-Development, Personal-Development and ensuing success begins. We pioneered the NLP and human behaviour modification science in Life Coaching South Africa.

Additionally, we offer an entire Life Coaching career path for those like us, who find happiness in changing lives positively. We mentor and market our coaches throughout their coaching journey – providing them opportunities to gain on-hand practical experience through our corporate coaching programs. Let's-Live Life Coaching courses include Junior Life Coach, Life Coach, Master Coach, Master Coach Trainer and Trainer's Trainer.


Need to make a change in your life? Would like to help others find their true potential? Can feel the need for change but not sure where or how? Don't fret over the questions. Contact us and speak to any of the professionals here at Let's-Live Coaching. Life is too short to be unhappy, work with low productivity or fail in any endeavour. Call us today and book yourself an appointment for success.



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